The wine refrigerators, or coolers as some people call them, are appliances whose primary aim is to maintain the wine within a narrow range of the temperatures that are suitable for storage and service. In the last few years, there’s a lot of hype surrounding these devices, leading to an increasing number of “experts” with numerous theories about the wine storage, claiming that this beverage will turn into vinegar if you’re not listening to their advice. But the whole process is, actually, fairly simple, as all that you really need is a good wine refrigerator that will keep your beverage in good condition for a long time.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that selecting a decent wine cooler is an easy task to do – there are dozens of different models and brands out there on the market, and a novice might have a really hard time with finding out which model will suit his needs the best. And that’s why we’re here – our unbiased and straightforward wine refrigerator reviews and articles will help you to find a quality appliance with useful features at a good price. Read on and give your age-worthy wine a new house!

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Haier 12-Bottle Dual Zone
wine cellar

haier cellar review
Our Rating


• Quiet
• Two compartments with different temperatures
• Easy to use via the LED display


• Possibility of poor shipping
• Doesn’t look durable

Haier 12-Bottle Dual Zone
wine cellar

The Haier 12-Bottle wine refrigerator is something special – it’s an amazing model that comes at a pretty reasonable price, which makes it very popular among the users. This convenient device will allow you to store a small collection in it, and is an excellent choice for every wine enthusiast.

Most people don’t like wine coolers that are noisy, and that’s completely understandable – they can be really distracting and bother you during your quiet time and even during the sleep. Fortunately, the Haier 12-Bottle has a cooling system that’s ultra-quiet and produces no vibrations. It has two compartments boasting different temperatures, which puts it into the category of dual zone refrigerators.

The temperature in the top compartment ranges from 46° to 66°, and in the lower from 54° to 66°. These temperatures can be controlled via the fancy LED display which has large buttons and looks pretty attractive, just like the rest of the appliance.

The 12-bottle version is not the only one – you can also buy this model in 6, 8, 16, and 18-bottle variants, with all of them sharing similar specs and being different only in the capacity of bottles that can be stored in them. On the downside, we have to mention the reports of some disappointed users who claim that their units broke after only a few months, and the reason behind that is probably the poor shipping.

All in all, we think that the Haier 12-Bottle Dual Zone is definitely worth considering for purchase. It offers a great value for the money and is one of the best affordable wine refrigerators we have reviewed so far.

Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric counter cooler

avanti EWC1201 cooler review
Our Rating


• For open and closed bottles
• Quiet while working
• Nice LED display
• Very durable


• Single-zone compartment for only one type of wine
• Not compact enough for every kitchen countertop

Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric counter cooler

The new 12-bottle wine cooler from Avanti is a reliable device that offers a great value for the money. It features three chrome wine shelves, a double-pane, and the sleek black design – it certainly deserves to get a more in-depth look.

This thermoelectric wine refrigerator is free standing, with its exact dimensions measuring 25″ x 10″ x 20″, and weighs 27lbs. This makes it very lightweight, and, as the name suggests, the user is able to store 12 bottles into it. The shelves of this model are removable, which means that you can customize them according to your needs – for example, you can store some bottles in the vertical position, cooling them while they’re still opened and partially used.

The model is also very quiet and doesn’t vibrate, which could be pretty important to people whose kitchens are close to their bedrooms. The Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric wine refrigerator also features a very nice touch screen panel, which is illuminated with backlighting and is very easy to operate. The display will turn off if you’re not using it for a few minutes and allows you to change the temperature to your liking (from 47 to 65 degrees).
Unfortunately, the unit has only one compartment, which means that you won’t be able to store both reds and whites at their optimal temperatures, and its size could prevent you from keeping it on your kitchen countertop.

In conclusion, we think that the Avanti 12 Bottle is worth the money, especially if you’d like to have a unit that will allow you to cool the bottles in the vertical position.

Ivation 18 Bottle Thermoelectric
wine cellar

ivation thermoelectric cellar review
Our Rating


• Stylish design
• Stores 18 bottles of wine
• Easy to operate LCD display
• UV-protective door


• Users report poor shipping in some cases

Ivation 18 Bottle Thermoelectric
wine cellar

Featuring one of the best designs we’ve seen so far, the Ivation 18-Bottle Thermoelectric wine cooler is the best-looking unit on the market, and also has some pretty neat features like the quiet operation, touch controls, and the Thermopane door that blocks the UV rays.

The modern design of this wine refrigerator immediately catches attention – its sleek exterior will fit into every kitchen, and is guaranteed to impress all of your visitors and guests. Even though it looks big at first glance, the Ivation 18-bottle is, actually, pretty compact and lightweight, as it weighs only 32 pounds and measures 13.5″ x 20” x 25.4″.

One of the first things to notice about it is the beautiful frontal door – it is insulated with polyurethane-heavy foam that ensures an odor-free interior and also blocks the UV rays that come from the sunlight, which can be very harmful to the flavor of your wine. The temperature can be adjusted from 54° to 64° via the LCD display that’s very easy to read and operate. As it features a modern, energy-efficient cooling system, the Ivation 18-bottle is also very quiet and does not produce any vibration.

As much as we tried to find flaws in this product, we couldn’t do it. Almost everything about it is on the spot – we think that purchasing this model can’t really turn out to be a mistake, and we can only recommend it.

With an elegant exterior, large bottle capacity and a functional LCD display, the Ivation 18-Bottle Thermoelectric wine refrigerator stands as one of the best products of this type currently on the market.

Kalamera 15” wine refrigerator
30 bottle

kalamera 15" wine cooler review
Our Rating


• Elegant design
• Temperature memory feature
• High-quality cooling system
• Large capacity


• Temperature rises when it is fully stocked
• Tight squeeze with all 30 bottles in it

Kalamera 15” wine refrigerator 30 bottle

A huge storage capacity is definitely the biggest advantage of the Kalamera 15” Wine Refrigerator – but not the only one. This model also has a beautiful design, a door made of tempered glass, the temperature memory function, as well as some other convenient features. It’s no wonder that it’s so popular!

The first thing to notice about the Kalamera 15” is its elegant exterior – this wine cooler can certainly present an image of quality to all those you invite for a dinner, as it immediately draws attention. The stainless steel frame surrounds the door that’s made out of double-layered tempered glass, which is there to stabilize the temperature level inside the unit and prevent the glass from fogging.

As we said, the greatest advantage of this appliance is that it allows the user to store 30 bottles of wine into it, using the six slide-out shelves, and this is certain to suit the needs of even the biggest wine enthusiasts. The refrigerator is using a high-grade cooling system which creates cool air that circulates around the bottles and maintains their temperature, which you can control (40°-66°) by using the LED display on the upper part of the device. The temperature memory function is also an excellent convenience here – it restores the set temperature in the case of a power outage.

Our only major complaint about the Kalamera 15” is the fact that, when it is fully stocked, the actual temperature inside the device is a bit higher than the one that’s displayed.

Although it’s not flawless, this wine refrigerator delights with its smooth performance, looks, and the convenient features. We recommend it!

AKDY 21 Bottle Dual Zone thermoelectric wine cooler

akdy 21 bottle cooler review
Our Rating


• Large capacity
• Sleek design
• Quiet operation
• Ability to cool both reds and whites


• Quality of the wooden shelves
• Tight spacing

AKDY 21 Bottle Dual Zone thermoelectric wine cooler

The AKDY 21-Bottle wine cooler is an excellent example of modernizing the traditional wine storage method – it comes with a number of conveniences of the current technology, having features such as the thermoelectric fan cooling system, the adjustable temperature control, and the touchpad with the LED displays. It’s surely a device worth considering for purchase!

The looks of the AKDY 21-Bottle Dual Zone wine refrigerator are simple, but at the same time eye-catching – we think that it will go well with almost any kitchen decor. Like the name of the product says, you’ll be able to store 21 bottles of wine into it, which will then be cooled by the thermoelectric fan cooling system, which is super quiet and won’t distract you while you’re in the kitchen.

The temperature is, like on many other models that we’ve reviewed, adjusted by the electronic touchpad with the convenient LED displays – and as the model is Dual-Zone, you can set it between 44°- 66° and 50° – 66° and give a proper cooling to both your red and white wines. The seven full-width racks provide a plenty of space for your bottles, while the interior light gently illuminates the collection and gives visibility when the unit is in the dark room.

The things that we didn’t like is the quality of the wood that the shelves are made out of, as well as the tight spacing that makes it hard to put in all 21 bottles – but not impossible.

This stylish wine refrigerator is a good buy for anyone who is interested in having a wine collection in their house, as it stores many bottles and efficiently keeps them chilled.


Like with all other appliances, there are different kinds of wine refrigerators, each with their own sets of unique features. There are three main types – the countertop ones, the built-in ones, and the free-standing wine refrigerators. In this article, we’re going to take a look at what are the main differences between them:

countertop refrigerator

Countertop Wine Refrigerators

These wine coolers are the perfect choice for all those people who don’t have much free space available in their houses. They are very compact, and most models will let you store between 4 and 24 bottles of wine. If you’re going to buy one of these, make sure to measure your kitchen countertop before the purchase – we’ve seen many cases where people bought units that are far too large for their small tables. Also, make some space for the ventilation.

built-in refrigerators

Built-in Wine Refrigerators

Just like the countertop models, these are also an ideal choice for the users who’d like to save some floor space. But they’re much larger and more expensive, as they’re designed in a way that requires no ventilation. The trickiest thing about this type of coolers is that they are usually installed between the cabinets and such an action almost always requires the help of a professional. But once it’s installed, a built-in wine cooler looks amazing and contributes to the overall beauty of your kitchen.

free standing refrigerator

Free-standing Wine Refrigerators

These wine coolers are very popular, just like the countertop models, and come at prices that are between the prices of the two previously mentioned types. They are large and can store many bottles, and, as their name suggests, can be placed anywhere around the house (provided you have space for them). The only disadvantage of these refrigerators is the fact that they can take up a lot of your floor space, especially some models that are huge and can store over 100 bottles.


Your guests will always be quick to let you know that your wine is too warm or has a “funny” taste – and in order to avoid such complaints, all that you need to do is to invest in a good wine refrigerator that achieves optimum storage conditions and protects your wine. But before you purchase one, you should know that there are some important aspects which you should consider before buying one – such as size, capacity, temperature range, number of shelves, and other things. This guide will help you – read on, and everything will be a lot easier!

• Size – The available space that you have in your kitchen (or wherever else you intend to put your wine refrigerator) should dictate the size of the unit. And since there is a plenty of coolers coming in all sizes and shapes, this shouldn’t be a problem – the upright and the under-counter ones can fit even into smallest of areas.

• Dual Temperature – Models that come with this feature will provide excellent storage for both the red and white wines, achieving suitable serving temperatures for each of them within a single appliance. This means that you don’t have to purchase two separate devices – you can combine both by purchasing a model with dual temperature settings. Each section inside such a model can be set to a different temperature, and that action won’t compromise either of the wines.

• Capacity – This depends on how many bottles you’d like to hold inside your wine cooler. Households and smaller businesses have modest storage demands, while the larger bars and restaurants, obviously, need considerably more. Fortunately, there are wine refrigerators to cope with all of these requests, as they’re coming with capacities that can hold from 11 to 191 bottles. A word of advice – the Champagne and the Burgundy bottles are almost always bigger than the regular ones.

• The number of doors – The thing that dictates the number of doors is the size of the unit. With single and double variants, you’ll be able to choose whichever model is more suitable for your needs and the individual layout.

• Insulation – In order for the temperature to remain consistent, an adequate insulation is required. The insulation will also aid efficiency, and keep the costs on the lower side, which is important if you’d like to save energy.

• Price – A wide range of prices that the wine refrigerators come at will suit every budget – but if you’d like to keep your bottles in the premium condition, we’d recommend you to look for the flagship models, which are, as expected, a little bit more expensive.

• The number of shelves – Larger units will come with a higher number of shelves for the storage of wine bottles. In most of the cases, the shelving will be adjustable, giving you some flexibility to organize and personalize your collection. You should look for the models that have shelves made out of durable materials, giving some additional safety to your valuable bottles.

• The temperature range – The temperatures that you’ll require solely depend upon the types of the wines that you want to store. The white wines are supposed to be served when their temperature ranges between 7˚C-11˚C, and the red ones, on the other hand, should be consumed while their temperature ranges between 14.5˚C-18˚C. To make it easier, remember this general rule – the lighter the wine is, the colder its serving temperature should be. We recommend you to look for the models that have control panels that are easy to read and operate, as well as for the models with precise thermostats that will let you monitor the whole thing easily.

• The glass – We’d recommend you to get a model that has a UV filter on its door since the sunlight can harm your collection by reducing the wine’s quality, and you certainly don’t want that to happen. The internal illumination can also be very convenient, as it will allow you to showcase the bottles in a very attractive way.

• The warranty – Just like with all other products, the warranty will vary from one manufacturer to other. Some will offer just the parts-only warranty while the others will provide you with a full warranty for both the device and the parts. Look for the models whose warranties cover everything and have the longest periods, in the case of possible future problems.


A good wine refrigerator is something that every wine enthusiast should have in his kitchen – not only will it allow him to keep the wine cool and at his fingertips, but also to showcase the most valuable bottles in his collection in a very attractive way. These devices aren’t as expensive as they once were and getting one in much easier these days, provided you have some knowledge about these units.

If you don’t – check out our honest and unbiased reviews and articles! If we would have to select our favorite model, that would definitely be the Ivation 18-Bottle Thermoelectric Red & White Wine Cooler. Almost everything about this wine refrigerator is amazing – it has a very stylish and elegant design, a door that protects your wine from the harmful UV rays, a large capacity for the bottle storage, as well as the easy-to-operate controls. We recommend it!

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