The basic division between wine comes down to two basic color choices and flavors – red and white. Of course, there are other wine sorts with different shades but they all still fit into these two general categories. The most interesting part about drinking wine is that the glass shape and size play a major role to how you perceive every sip. Wine is an alcohol based beverage that is made out of grapes and as such features fruit aroma to some extent. Using the right type of glass according to the wine type leads to a vastly more enjoyable experience.

Why Does It All Matter?

Sure, you can use just about any liquid container to drink out of but that misses the point entirely when it comes to wine. All the details and small pieces must come together in order to provide a full-fledged experience that overcomes the senses. Once you experience full flavor and a fruit aroma for the first time – you will always want to repeat such pleasure for every next sip. Reading this article will help you understand and find the best wine glasses that will be perfectly matched with every bottle of this tasty and precious liquid. Let’s start with the basics first.

Knowing The Difference

This is a short insight into the different types of wine glasses. Each wine is best experienced with an appropriately matching set. The design of each kind of glass provides a full experience that will bring you complete satisfaction with every sip.

Red Wine Glasses

Pinot Noir type is distinct by its angled rim that directs wine flavor towards your nose and tongue. The stems are usually shorter and the bowls are unusually larger than on other types of glasses.
Cabernet/Merlot type is distinct due to their standard-length stem size and a wider base. The large bowl usually slopes at the top to allow air to mix with the wine for better flavor.

Syrah/Shiraz type are the smallest types of red wine glasses. These are recognizable by their angled towards inside rim that serves its purpose to deliver aromas.

White Wine Glasses

Riesling type is distinct by its taller and narrower design. The top of the glass narrows in order to focus aromas as they arise.

Chardonnay type always has a wide bowl that slopes inward as it rises towards the top.
Sauvignon Blanc type of design includes a combination of a narrow bowl with an angled top edge and a tall stem.


Just as you should use the right tools for the task at hand, you should approach wine tasting in the same fashion. If you want to treat yourself to the luxurious feeling of enjoyment with flavours that overwhelm your senses and your mind – you should priorities on getting the right glasses set. Once you experience wine the right, dare we say, the only proper way, you will demand excellence for every other sip. As you rightfully should. When it comes to fine wine, there is only one way of enjoying it to full potential – with the perfect matching glasses set.

Red vs White Wine Glasses infographic