The wine refrigerators (also known as the wine coolers) are the devices made with the intention of chilling the bottles of wine to the appropriate temperature. They’re a much better option than the regular refrigerators in which the temperature can fluctuate to the extent that’s not appropriate for this tasty beverage, which has to be stored at places with the constant temperature. The best place for this is the wine cellar – but if your collection isn’t that big, a quality wine refrigerator will do just fine. Let’s take a look at some important points for the proper wine storage in this device:

Storing The Wine In The Single-Zone Refrigerator

If you have decided to use the single-zone refrigerator for your white and red wines, remember that the temperature of 54° is the one to go with.

Even though every variant will have its ideal setting, the temperature of 54° won’t have any negative effects on your wine and will properly slow down the process of aging.

single-zone refrigerator

Storing The Wine In The Dual-Zone Refrigerator

As their name suggests, the wine coolers of this type allow the users to store two different sorts of this beverage inside of it. The thing to do here is to set one compartment to the temperature of 50°-65° for the red wine, and the other to 45°-50° for the white wine. You can store the white wines for the periods up to 3 years, and the reds for the periods up to 10 years.

How To Store The Already Opened Bottles Of The White Wine?

There’s no need to throw your already opened white wine away – you can replace the cork and tighten it up, and put it back into the cooler, which will preserve it for up to five days. The situation is a bit different with the red wines – once they’re opened, it should not be cooled, but consumed during the next two days.

Do The Temperature Adjusting Gradually And Only When Necessary

As you probably already know, the temperature fluctuations can have a very negative effect on your wines – they will cause them do age quicker than they should. A sudden increase of the temperature will almost certainly cause the wine to flow out through the cork, while the sudden decrease could let the air come in the bottle.

Try To Avoid Moving The Bottles

As expected, constant motion is certain to have a negative effect on the whole aging process. If your collection of bottles is a large one, you should create a system which will help you easily locate the bottles that you want to pull out and use, without having to move all the other ones.

Avoid The Oxidization

The bottles that are corked have to be stored on their sides, in order to keep those corks moist – the wine shelves in most of the models are already designed to have the bottles positioned in this way. If you place them there in the upright position, the corks will probably dry out and your beverage will end up spoiled, and you certainly don’t want that to happen.

Always Keep The Cooler Closed

Make sure that the drawers and doors of your model are tightly closed – if they’re not the temperature will rise, and that could cause some serious damage to your collection.

Vibration Has A Very Negative Effect

It’s really important to keep the cooler as far away from any sources of vibration as possible, as it can agitate the wine and have a very adverse effect on its quality. Keep the unit away from things such as washing machines or home theater systems.

wine refrigerator


As you can see from all these points, there are a high number of events and conditions that can have a negative effect on your collection of bottles – try to avoid them if you don’t want to end up with a spoiled beverage. Keeping the door of the refrigerator tightly closed, making sure that the area in which it is positioned is free from vibrations, and keeping the bottles at a proper temperature will help you preserve this tasty liquor in the best possible condition – follow our advice and you won’t have any problems whatsoever!