Best Wine Accessories
Reviews for 2018

The wine is truly something special – it’s one of the oldest beverages in the world, and has been consumed ever since the ancient times. Rare are the persons who don’t like it, which is exactly why serving and keeping this delicious beverage should be done as carefully and professionally as possible.

And that’s why we are here – we are here to help you find out what are the best wine-related products on the market right now, as there are hundreds of them and it can be hard to select just one. Read our reviews and articles, and find the proper wine refrigerator, opener or the wine glasses for yourself!

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We offer you the most straightforward, unbiased and honest reviews of the wine glasses, openers, and refrigerators that are currently on the market. We also write useful articles on our blog, which will help you to properly serve and preserve your reds and whites.




• If California would become an independent state, it would be among the top five biggest producers of wine in the world, with only Spain, Italy, and France being in front of it.

• The cobra blood wine is very popular in Vietnam. The waiter takes a living cobra and kills it on the spot, and then drains its blood into a glass of rice wine.

• A French chemist got rich from selling wine that was mixed with cocaine in the 1860’s. His beverage was loved and used by President McKinley, Queen Victoria, and Pope Leo XIII.

• In 1997, an experiment proved that the customers buy more French wine when the French music is playing in the store. When the conductors decided to put the German music on, the German wine sales immediately increased.

• In 2004, the Two Buck Chuck won the main prize at the International Eastern Wine Competition, beating other 2300 wines even though it costs only two dollars.

• The oldest bottle of wine dates all the way back to A.D. 325, and it was found inside the Roman sarcophagus. It is currently on display in the German town of Speyer.

• Michael Jackson used to drink his wine in the Diet Coke cans, as he did not want to have his children see him drinking alcohol.

• Red wines are losing color as they age, eventually ending with a sort of the “brick red” color. The white wines, on the other hand, are gaining color and usually become almost golden-like.